Rescue is Life

Adopt a Rescue

Choosing to adopt a rescue saves lives.


RiL relies on the kindness of our supporters to continue saving lives. Our NPO is not government funded. 

Become a Foster

If you would like to open up your home and heart temporarily to a rescue, join us!

About Us

Rescue is Life was founded in January 2019 with one goal in mind: to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome and Sterilise as many dogs and cats as possible within the City of Cape Town ensuring that they have as bright a future as possible! RiL was founded by Michelle Barnard, Donna Kabe-Stear and Charmaine Tong, these three ladies collectively have over 30 years of experience working with animals! The ethos at RiL is very much governed by the idea that each and every animal deserves a chance at life and so we vouch to fight for those animals to the utmost best of our ability. 

Rescue Is Life aims to educate and empower pet owners to give their beloved pets the very best life they can possibly have

Together we can do so much more!

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