Every donation helps!

Rescue is Life operates as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO number: 930 068 231, registered under s18a which means every donation can get a tax certificate under section 18a). The money that comes into the organisation is solely from our adoption fees and a small percentage of donations from the general public. As an animal rescue organisation we pride ourselves in saying yes to every and any cat or dog in need (finances dependant), and we truly believe that every dog and cat deserves a chance at life, no matter the cost. The donations that we receive from you are what enable us to continue doing what we do.

Our hope is to be able to do even more and this means higher expenses. Our adoption fees only just cover our vaccinations, microchipping, anti-flea treatments, deworming treatments and sterilizations. We can never predict what other treatments an animal in our care may need.

We are forever grateful for your continued support thus far, and would like to invite anyone who feels that they can contribute to saving these vulnerable lives to click on any of the donation links below.

Every bit counts, and together we can do so much more!

Banking Details

Rescue is Life
First National Bank
Account Number: 6280 4472 702
Branch Code: 250655 (Constantia Village)

Should you wish to receive a tax certificate for your donation, please email accounts@rescueislife.co.za

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