Partner with RiL


Rescue is Life partners with organisations/companies who want to make a change in the lives of animals in desperate need. Having partners play an important role in the work that we do. We do the ground work while being supported by businesses who want to help. We are a PBO amd provide a 18a Tax certificate

By becoming a RiL partner you can assist us through many opportunities. Be it through our Last litter program, sterilisation initiative and outreach program.

If you are interested in partnering with Rescue is Life, please contact us on

Emergency Medical Fund

Often rescues are in bad shape when they come into our care, and are in need of emergency, lifesaving veterinary care or operations. Supporting this cause will go directly into our Emergency Medical Fund – ensuring that these animals get the urgent care they need.

Last Litter Program

Every litter of kittens and puppies we uplift, we ensure that their moms and dads are sterilised as well as any other animals that may be on the property. This ensures 1 cycle of more unwanted litters. The entire family will all be sterilised, including those who find their forever homes.

Community Outreach Program

RiL assists under-privileged communities whenever possible.. These community members have pets, but do not necessarily have the means to provide basic routine health care, or sterilisation and thus adds to the cycle of unwanted litters. Often they are without shelter, blankets or food and this is something we try out best to change. We provide educational material on basic health care for pets, pet food parcels, flea and worm treatment as well as sterilisations through our outreach programs.

Routine Care

Your donation on a regular basis ensures that we are able to continue our work in the rescue, sterilisation, rehabilitation and rehoming of otherwise, unwanted pets. By contributing monthly, you’ll play a huge role in making sure our rescues get everything they could possibly need to help them get a new lease on life.