Pit Bull VS Panic

Sadly, there has been a spate of children being mauled and killed by Pit Bulls in the last few weeks and the country is in a state of panic.

At Rescue is Life, our hearts go out to the families and loved ones who have been affected by the traumatic and sudden loss of their loved ones.

A call for responsible pet ownership. Pit Bull’s are a Power Breed that quickly became “trendy” and this has led to the breed’s demise. They require training, patience, leadership skills, socialisation and most importantly TIME and EXERCISE.

It’s of the utmost importance that in this time of mourning and heartache we look for insight to help us, as a country to unite in fighting for Responsible Pet Ownership and enforcing Sterilisation.

It takes an individual with limited understanding of their actions to unknowingly train any dog to fight or be aggressive. Stricter pet ownership laws need to be established as a matter of urgency. Nothing is being done to manage the reckless and carelessness of individuals who are breeding Pit Bulls and selling them to absolutely anyone willing to pay.

People with malicious intentions often buy Pit Bulls for fighting, as a status symbol or simply to have “street credit”. The way these individuals, more often than not, treat or train their Pit Bull is mostly by means of pushing the Pit Bull to aggression. Chaining the dog up outside by itself through isolation, sometimes deliberate starvation or purposely pairing two or more Pit Bulls up to fight each other. What is one to expect from all of this? We cannot label ALL Pit Bulls as a problem if this is not true.

It can be for some, undoubtedly, difficult to wrap one’s head around caring for a breed that has caused this much devastation over the last few weeks, however, it’s important for us, as human beings, to look within ourselves and notice that we have 3 fingers pointing back at us, we cannot blame a breed for existing when man has bred them to the point of chaos.

We urge every dog owner to be responsible, walk your dogs on a lead in public and ensure your property is secure.

Google is a tool at our finger tips with a plethora of information on dog breeds, requirements and specific traits. Do your research before obtaining a puppy or dog for yourself and family.

Please, do not dump, harm or turn your backs on the Pit Bull breed due to human negligence and panic. Reach out to your nearest Animal Rescue Organisation for assistance or advice where needed.

Report abuse or neglect to your Local Law Enforcement or SPCA