The Last Litter Programme (Ongoing)

Our Last Litter Programme has been running since we started RiL back in 2019. Every time we rescue litters of kittens and puppies we ensure that their moms and dads are sterilised as well as any other animals that may be on the property where the litters have come from. Whenever animals are surrendered to us we also ensure that sterilisation is done, and of course, every animal that we take on will also be sterilised. We believe that sterilisation is the key in helping curb the crisis of overpopulation in dogs and cats, and that the more animals we can help sterilise, the less unwanted animals there will be in Cape Town.

Bonteheuwel Wellness and Sterilisation Drive December 2021

On the 18th December 2021 our team, alongside Cape Guardian Animal Rescue, arranged an Outreach Day in the Bonteheuwel community of Cape Town.

This event was a huge success where we saw to well over 100 dogs – ensuring that each and every single one of them received deworming medication, a well needed ear cleanse as well as a tick and flea dip or oral tick and flea treatment! We also sent each dog and cat with some food.

All the kids in attendance on the day received an awesome educational activity booklet that speaks about how to take care of animals sponsored by Be a Hero in My Hood. 

We educated and offered free sterilisation 37 dogs and 32 cats signed up!

Cape Guardian Rescue sterilised all the cats and RiL took care of the dogs

Lentegeur Wellness and Sterilisation Drive 2020

In 2020 we established a good relationship with a resident, Junaid, of the Lentegeur community who is a strong advocate for the animals. With Junaid’s assistance, we were welcomed into the Lentegeur community in order to assist where we possibly could. Two wellness events were held where we would ensure that dogs and cats got the appropriate treatment for fleas and ticks as well as deworming medication. We would also help empower their owners to give quality care for their pets. Our drive also allowed owners to sign their pets up for sterilisation and we partnered with our local SPCA who would collect, sterilise them and return at the cost of RiL. 

Kennel Drive 2019

Tafelsig is a low-income community in Cape Town, where many animals are not given shelter from the elements. In July 2019 we managed to secure a donation of 25 beautiful kennels which we then delivered and set up for animals so that they could stay dry and warm during the harsh Cape Town Winter. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding we were unable to continue this project.