Reunited after 7 years, thanks to a microchip

One of the posts made by Iza's family when she first went missing

Michelle from Rescue is Life received a call from Junaid who runs Cape Guardian Animal Rescue in Mitchells Plain after finding a small female, senior Jack Russell being stoned and kicked by children in the Mitchells Plain area. They, when approached, had thrown her over a wall with a Pitbull and ran away. Junaid quickly collected the dog and asked around for an owner. No one knew who owned her but always saw her hunting around for food. With that Junaid picked her up and contacted Michelle to assist with taking the little dog in.

Rescue is Life quickly named her Liza for record purposes. She was dirty, covered in fleas and filled with worms. Michelle had arranged for a foster to take over with a good bath, lovely food and chicken, deworming and a good deflea. Liza was frightened but so very sweet. The team knew she must have at some point belonged to someone. She knew how to sit, and quickly wanted to cuddle into someone’s lap for affection.

Rescue is Life scanned her for a microchip, a standard practice which all vets and organisations follow for the slim chance the animal has an owner waiting for that call.

We found a microchip and it was funny, because we named her Liza upon arrival, her name on the microchip was Iza! We were elated to find she had an owner all the way in Somerset West! How she got to Mitchells Plain was beyond us. We assume someone picked her up and never bothered to check for a microchip.

Once we got hold of the owners, the family were in absolute shock. She had been missing for 7 years. The family wanted her back without even asking any questions. They love her so much.

Her owner collected her, and within a few seconds of smelling she remembered him, tail wagging and little cries of happiness from Iza. It was the most beautiful reunion.

Iza's reunion with her dad!
Iza, when she came into Ril's care, with Michelle.
Love knows no time