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A proud partner of Rescue is Life

Wealth Protection is achieved by the construction of a sound financial plan whereby your most valued and hard-earned assets are protected.  These assets can include your health, your future income, tangible assets like property or even making provision for your loved ones should you pass away. At Schani Wealth we believe that proper financial planning starts with a well-designed estate plan to ensure that your family’s wealth is protected should you no longer be able to take care of them.

Leave a Legacy:
Did you know that you can leave a gift to our organization in your Will? A gift can be anything of value such as money, property, shares etc. Leaving a gift to our organization reflects your values and beliefs about animals and wanting to make a difference in the community and enables us to be guardians of animals who are sick or injured or those who need a safe haven.
Why a Will is Important:
Your Will is one of the most important documents you will sign in your lifetime. Your Will speaks on your behalf when you are no longer here as to who should inherit your assets, that you have worked for all your life, should you pass away. It ensures that your estate can be wound up as quickly as possible by nominating an Executor in your Will and it can prevent your children’s inheritance from landing in the hands of the Government’s Guardian Fund.
Should you wish to leave a gift to animals in your Will, it is important that you include a specific clause in your Will, as well as the organisation’s registration number and name.

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