Valhalla Park Wellness Drive

August 2022

Valhalla Park Wellness Drive 21st August 2022

The need in Valhalla Park is the most desperate amongst all the communities we have seen. Unemployment and poverty is sadly sky rocketing in this community. An animal loving community member, Annelise, assisted us in setting up in a school on 21.08.2022. We allowed 40 animals in at a time, while the community and their animals all waited outside the gate for their turn. The queue was never ending and the crowd outside the yellow gate with their needy animals, constant. We managed to see approximately 300-350 dogs.

Although we had stocked up more on this outreach than any other previously (other areas) we found ourselves running low mid way. If we could have gone all day, we would have managed to help more than 1000 animals, this we are sure of.

FLAR – Foster Love Animal Rescue joined us in our efforts, covering the Feline side and assisted a total of 60 cats and kittens.

Total Surrendere
Dogs/puppies – 7
Cats/kittens – 2

Education is desperately needed within this community, one member admitting to feeding his dog used baby diapers. The dog, was completely emaciated. (This has been reported for investigation as abuse).

Valhalla Park has quickly crept into all of our hearts, we cannot leave this large community and have committed to focus on them and help as frequent as donations and funds allow.