How to help.

At Rescue is Life we make use of a system of Foster Family volunteers. We believe that this structure of Rescue provides our animals with a safe, secure and loving environment where they can get the special one on one care they need, whilst also gaining the necessary social skills in a loving home!

Fostering means bringing the animal/s into your home and giving them the care they need until they are old enough and/or ready for their forever home! You volunteer your space, time and love to the animal which really helps them thrive.

We ask that you feed the animal/s as required, administer any medication they may need according to our instructions and just teach the fur baby what love is. 

No. At Rescue is Life we cover all expenses of any animal while they are in foster care – this means food, vet bills, cat litter etc. It’s the least we can do for you as you’re opening up your home to our rescues! 

In general when it comes to puppies we ask that at least two go to foster homes together as we believe they are more likely to thrive with a pal! With kittens we also try our best to keep litters together. Our adult dogs and cats that come into our care also go into foster homes which we can discuss depending on the animal and it’s needs. 

It’s mostly dependent on the age of the animal you are fostering – we start looking for homes when animals reach 8 weeks of age. Typically in our experience fosters are with their foster families for +-2 weeks if the animal is healthy and of the correct age. 

Please get in contact with us by emailing and we will send you our application forms to join our foster family!